Month: July 2019

Arduino and Wemos

Information: We are using the arduino to program our cubesat, with wemos we have learned to use multiple programs and we are making great progress. We are happy with the results. Introduction to WEMOS D1 (ESP8266) For the realization of the workshop we’ll use the Wemos D1 board, based on the ESP8266 microcontroller, the NeoPixel…
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Here are the official plans for our new center. THESE ARE STILL ON DEVELOPMENT. Cosmoprom is a leading company that uses the latest building technologies. Our building is a Passivhaus construction that is totally ecological, Also, special filters are used on our fabric for less contamination.

Our big company presentation

Our team will be presenting our company/agency to the Esac community on friday at 4pm. We hope it goes well!

Our new logo!

We recently finished digitalizing our logo and you can find it on the first page or as our social media’s profile picture.

Financial Department

We’ re proud to show our financial results of this quarter. For more information for investors contact directly to this department and we’ ll be proud to answer you. Also information of the inventory of the company will be displayed below. THIS IS THE INVENTORY THAT THE COMPANY OWNS 5 Laptops with a value of=…
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Our team is composed of ten members, which are: Arduino team: Oriol Claes, Pablo Moncada, Diego Gomez. Social Media Team: Alejandro Ramirez, Witse Tirry, Pablo Moncada, Inigo Vergara, Ines Perez, Diego Gomez. Graphic Design Team: Irene Kirkpatrick, Inigo Vergara. Architecture Team: Wolfram Schartel, Frederik Breuer. Web Design Team: Ines Perez, Irene Kirkpatrick. 3D design team:…
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You can easily find our account on instagram by simply typing @cosmoprom.official, Our team will try to keep our profile updated at all times so that our followers can be updated everyday in all things space related.


Over time we’ll tell you new curiosities that occur about the outdoor space that we’ll have read in the news or seen in images, etc. APOLLO 11 TURNS 50 On July 20, 1969, Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin Jr. took their first steps on the moon’s surface. The 50th anniversary of this…
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Our team will be updating this folder everyday with our progress in projects and ideas for future projects. CUBESAT 3D PRINTING One of our team members, Witse Tirry, is the Manager of the 3d printing of our cubesat. After several days of 3d design using the tinkercad program, during the last few days the different…
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You can contact our team directly via our e-mail: or through our social media’s direct messaging.