Arduino and Wemos

Arduino and Wemos

Information: We are using the arduino to program our cubesat, with wemos we have learned to use multiple programs and we are making great progress.
 We are happy with the results.

Introduction to WEMOS D1 (ESP8266)

For the realization of the workshop we'll use the Wemos D1 board, based on the ESP8266 microcontroller, the NeoPixel Lights, and different sensors.

The Wemos D1 microcontroller is a plate with many features and very small dimensions, so it's perfect for prototyping Iot, wearables, etc. It's compatible with Arduino IDE, with which we will be able to program it as if it were an Arduino. It also has WiFi.

The NeoPixel lights, are a super simple to use component created by the company Adafruit. These are RGB lights, with enough light, capable of joining in series to form strips of LEDs. Its programming is quite simple.

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