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Welcome to Cosmic Industries’s official website. We’re a space company/agency which gives you, our subscribers, news and information everyday about outer space.

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Arduino and Wemos18 July, 2019Information: We are using the arduino to program our cubesat, with wemos we have learned to use multiple programs and we are making great progress. We are happy with the results. Introduction to WEMOS D1 (ESP8266) For the realization of the workshop we'll use the Wemos D1 board, based on the ESP8266 microcontroller, the NeoPixel Lights, and different sensors. The Wemos D1 microcontroller is a plate with many features and very small dimensions, so it's perfect for prototyping Iot, wearables, etc. It's compatible with Arduino IDE, with which we will be able to program it as if it were an Arduino. It also has WiFi. The NeoPixel lights, are a super simple to use component created by the company Adafruit. These are RGB lights, with enough light, capable of joining in series to form strips of LEDs. Its programming is quite simple. [...] Read more...
Arduino and Wemos
Architecture18 July, 2019Here are the official plans for our new center. THESE ARE STILL ON DEVELOPMENT. Cosmoprom is a leading company that uses the latest building technologies. Our building is a Passivhaus construction that is totally ecological, Also, special filters are used on our fabric for less contamination. Ground floor with entrance and Bathroom with a reception desk Open space with desk. Used as office Fabric on basement sterilised with 2 white rooms for decontamination Garage above, 3 separate offices and 2 meeting rooms 3D CAPTION OF 2 FLOOR [...] Read more...
Our big company presentation17 July, 2019Our team will be presenting our company/agency to the Esac community on friday at 4pm. We hope it goes well! [...] Read more...
Our big company presentation
Our new logo!17 July, 2019We recently finished digitalizing our logo and you can find it on the first page or as our social media’s profile picture. [...] Read more...
Our new logo!
Financial Department17 July, 2019We’ re proud to show our financial results of this quarter. For more information for investors contact directly to this department and we’ ll be proud to answer you. Economic evolution Graphic Also information of the inventory of the company will be displayed below. THIS IS THE INVENTORY THAT THE COMPANY OWNS 5 Laptops with a value of= 1200EurA Professional 3D Printer= 900EurArduino components = 130EURWeb domain with complete internet services= 60EUR We also count with actives on rental. These will be listed down 40M2 OFFICE= 1500EUR MONTHLYNUBALO STUDIOS Printing Contractor= 60EUR ONLY NUBALO STUDIOS BILLDownload [...] Read more...
Financial Department
OUR TEAM12 July, 2019Our team is composed of ten members, which are: Arduino team: Oriol Claes, Pablo Moncada, Diego Gomez. Social Media Team: Alejandro Ramirez, Witse Tirry, Pablo Moncada, Inigo Vergara, Ines Perez, Diego Gomez. Graphic Design Team: Irene Kirkpatrick, Inigo Vergara. Architecture Team: Wolfram Schartel, Frederik Breuer. Web Design Team: Ines Perez, Irene Kirkpatrick. 3D design team: Witse Tirry. Economic management: Wolfram Schartel. [...] Read more...

Our big company presentation countdown

Our team will be presenting our company/agency to the Esac community on friday at 4pm. We hope it goes well!

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